Celebrating the Journey of Donia Chaouch: From Problem Solver to Safety-Analysis Entrepreneur

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At Robosafety, we are proud to share the inspiring story of our co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Donia Chaouch. Recently interviewed by the News Unit of Here University, Donia’s journey showcases how her immersion in problem solving has driven her to become a leading figure in safety engineering.

From Vision to Reality

Donia Chaouch, MASc 15, has always emphasized the critical importance of safety across various industries. “From automotive to aviation to oil and gas to medical devices, all of these industries have to have safety as a key priority,” she says. With years of experience in analyzing and testing safety systems, Donia decided to take her expertise a step further by launching Robosafety.

Robosafety, an Ottawa-based company, aims to develop comprehensive safety-analysis tools for multiple sectors. As the chief architect, Donia designs and implements scalable and efficient system infrastructures that help identify and mitigate potential hazards in safety systems, such as collision-detector systems in modern vehicles.

A Lightbulb Moment

The inception of Robosafety came in 2021 when Donia was working as a safety consultant in Silicon Valley. She observed recurring issues in the safety processes of robotics companies and realized the need for a change. “That kind of stayed on my mind, and I asked myself, ‘How can we change that?’” she recalls.

Returning to Ottawa, Donia shared her vision with close friend Mary Yazdani, founder and CEO of GenesisLink. “When I shared the idea with her, she was very interested in collaborating,” says Donia. This collaboration led to the establishment of Robosafety, with Yazdani joining as co-founder and CEO.

Building a Safer Future

At Robosafety, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to safety analysis. As Donia explains, “We conduct a thorough failure analysis and consider factors such as hardware, software, environmental conditions, and so on. The risk assessment follows, and we look over all of the risks associated with each of the failure-leading hazards that we identified.” This comprehensive method ensures that our clients can trust the reliability and safety of their systems.

An Inspiring Journey

Raised in Sousse, Tunisia, Donia’s passion for learning and problem-solving led her to pursue a degree in computer science/software engineering. She later moved to Montreal to complete her master’s at Concordia University, specializing in electrical and computer engineering. Donia fondly recalls her time at Concordia, where she was mentored by Professor Sofiène Tahar and was involved in world-renowned research.

One of Donia’s most memorable roles was as a software engineer for BlackBerry QNX, where she ensured the operating system’s reliability in many cars. “I was married with a five-month-old daughter at the time, so working at BlackBerry was really great for me and my family,” she shares.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Path

As an entrepreneur, Donia has found her true calling. “To have the courage to be a young woman on a non-traditional path, that’s fulfilling to me,” she says. Her perseverance and determination have been instrumental in overcoming challenges and asserting herself in a male-dominated field. “The fact that I didn’t give up — even if something went wrong — that’s something I think about a lot.”

Celebrating Our Team

At Robosafety, we believe that the stories of our team members are what make our company vibrant and dynamic. Donia’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and resilience. We are committed to fostering an environment where our team can thrive and continue to drive our mission of enhancing safety across industries.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the heart of Robosafety, where our people are the cornerstone of our success.


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