RoboSafety Joins The Rapidly Exploding Sport of Cricket By Sponsoring The Gladiators Cricket

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Ottawa, June 2024 – Ottawa-based software firm, RoboSafety Inc., today announced it is the corporate sponsor for the Ottawa-based cricket team, Gladiators Cricket. The “Sher-E-Punjab Cricket Club” is hosting a cricket tournament from June to September 2024. There will be 10 teams playing in a round-robin fashion to qualify for the playoffs and finals.

The Director of Sports for the Gladiators Cricket team expressed his gratitude, saying, “We are so grateful for the support from RoboSafety. Cricket is rapidly growing, and it is so good to see some corporate support. We hope to win the tournament. Come out to the games and see what cricket is all about – a combination of strategy, passion, and skills.”

Cricket’s popularity is surging in Canada, driven by immigration from countries where cricket is a beloved sport, such as India, Pakistan, Britain, Australia, and many other South Asian nations. A study released last year by CulturaliQ highlighted this trend, noting that cricket is now the most viewed sport in Canada. John Stevenson, the study lead and founder, stated, “For a global brand, there’s an incredible opportunity to engage with Canada’s fastest-growing ethnic community, South Asian newcomers, simply by recognizing their sport of passion, cricket.”

Fun Fact: The first-ever international cricket game was between the USA and Canada in 1844. The match was played at the grounds of the St George’s Cricket Club in New York.

RoboSafety’s sponsorship marks a significant milestone for the company, aligning with its community engagement goals and supporting a sport that resonates deeply with many Canadians. This sponsorship is not just about supporting a team; it’s about fostering community spirit and celebrating cultural diversity.

The Gladiators Cricket team, backed by RoboSafety, is gearing up for an exciting season. The Sher-E-Punjab Cricket Club’s tournament promises thrilling matches, showcasing some of Canada’s best tape-ball cricket players. The tournament will run from June to September 2024, with 10 teams competing in a round-robin format leading to the playoffs and finals.

We wish the Gladiators Cricket team all the best and encourage everyone in Ottawa to take advantage of this opportunity to witness some of the finest tape-ball cricket in Canada.

For more details on the championship series games, please visit: Sher-E-Punjab Tapeball Tournament Ottawa

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in supporting the Ottawa Gladiators on their journey to victory!

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