“RoboSafety Showcases Safety Software at TCXpo” By Women in Manufacturing

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Mary Yazdani

Chief Executive Officer

Transforming Safety Engineering: A Vision Realized by RoboSafety

In the era of technology and innovation, safety engineering is an imperative yet often overlooked aspect. At RoboSafety, we emerged from stealth mode with a bold vision — to make the world a safer place by revolutionizing safety engineering. Our recent showcase at TCXpo marked a significant step in this journey.

As the CEO of RoboSafety, I carry a profound commitment to fostering a culture of safety. With a track record of launching successful start-ups and a background in computer engineering, I understand the intricate challenges of ensuring the safety and reliability of complex systems.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Donia Chaouch, brings a wealth of experience in safety engineering and cybersecurity. Her journey began in Tunisia, and her insights were honed while working on safety-critical products for the auto industry. Together, we recognized the need for advanced tools that match the sophistication of the devices they aim to safeguard.

The unveiling of our safety engineering analysis tools at TCXpo showcased our dedication to moving towards safety by design. These tools, the result of years of innovation and expertise, offer a transformative approach to a process often deemed painful, time-consuming, and expensive.

Our commitment to excellence is not just a vision; it’s recognized by the industry. RoboSafety was selected by Ottawa’s Area X.O. as one of the more innovative firms at the TCXpo 2023 event. The support from Invest Ottawa, the federal Industrial Research Assistance Program, and the acknowledgment by Electronic Products & Technology affirm the significance of our mission.

Speaking of which, I’d like to express my gratitude to Women in Canadian Manufacturing for featuring RoboSafety in a recent article. The recognition of our efforts in transforming safety engineering is both humbling and inspiring. [Link to the original article]

In conclusion, the journey to revolutionize safety engineering is collaborative and supported by a network of industry leaders and innovators. Thank you to everyone who believes in the importance of safety by design. Together, we’re making strides towards a safer and more innovative future.

Maryam Yazdani
CEO, RoboSafety

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