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Meeting All Your FTA Needs

The PathFinder Fault Tree Analysis software provides a flexible and friendly framework for complete analysis of small and large scale risk assessments. Relyence provides an intuitive interface to construct well-organized and visually appealing diagrams. The front-end user interface is matched with an equally impressive back-end mathematical engine.

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Built with cloud concepts in mind, PathFinder allows access to your analyses anytime, anywhere, and on any device – including your mobile devices. Collaboration and connectivity are at the heart of PathFinder.


RoboSafety Safety by Design by Genesislink
RoboSafety Safety by Design- Safety engineering- Fault tree Analysis Tools

Spotlight on PATHFINDER Fault Tree Analysis Tool


The GUI is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to quickly navigate and manipulate the fault tree model.

Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

Allowing users to calculate probabilities of system failure and identify critical failure paths and to identify potential failure modes and assess their severity without having to assign specific probabilities to each event in the fault tree.

Machine Readable Code Freindly

This feature can save time and reduce errors by automating the process of creating a fault tree from a system design.

The code generated by the tool is machine-readable, allowing it to be easily integrated with other tools in a safety-critical development workflow.

Modular Visualization

The tool provides a modular visualization of the fault tree, allowing users to focus on specific parts of the system and explore the model at different levels of detail. This feature makes it easier to understand complex fault trees and identify areas that require further analysis.

Formal Correctness

he tool provides a formal correctness analysis of the fault tree model, ensuring that it adheres to industry best practices and standards for safety-critical systems.

More About RoboSafety FTA tool

 We can’t give you an exact date as yet. Development continues and we plan to kick off the beta testing phase in the near future. As a beta tester, you’ll have exclusive early access to our tool and a free trial period that will last 90 days. This gives you a chance to use the tool without any cost or commitment and experience its full range of features. To join our beta testing program or activate your free trial, simply visit Contact us page.
We are committed to provide a substantial value proposition through our several pricing options to cater to different needs. Our pricing structure includes single or floating licenses and several packages designed to provide varying levels of features, training and support. We also offer discounts based on the number of licenses acquired and first year memberships. To provide you with the most accurate pricing tailored to your needs, I recommend reaching out to us through Contact us page and we’ll be happy to prepare a customized quote for you.

We have an exciting product roadmap reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of our industry. Our tools are built with scalability and adaptability in mind and can grow with our customers evolving needs, ensuring that their investment remains valuable. 

Our tools can help save both time and money in various ways, but the specific amounts of savings will vary depending on the organization, the complexity of the analysis, and the scale of the system involved, our tools help our customers to:
– Prevent costly failures and downtime by identifying potential risks and accelerating project time lines.
– Emphasize safety by design to reduce potential risks E.G. the likelihood of auto recalls.

Our tools are designed with a highly intuitive Graphical User Interface, making it easy for both developers and safety engineers to navigate. We’re investing in comprehensive on-boarding tutorials and user documentation to help users minimize the learning curve and get up to speed quickly. We can also provide in person training sessions.
We are committed to provide modernized tools that will help identify potential risks and failure modes in complex systems. By doing so, it efficiently reduces the likelihood of accidents, injuries, and costly system failures and downtime. 
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